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Give your family,
the Humpy goodness

Gir cow milk
Glass bottles
Free range
Grass-fed cows
Indian cows are known for their goodness of A2 milk. And when they are raised happy and
right, richer nutrition comes naturally from their milk. Enjoy the delicious taste of great health with
every sip of Humpy’s A2 milk.

that make A2 milk even better

Helps in providing overall nutrition during pregnancy

Naturally easy to digest

Helps improve brain power

Enhances body immunity

Suitable for people with milk intolerance

Naturally easy to digest Helps improve brain power Enhances body immunity Helps in providing overall nutrition during pregnancy Suitable for people with milk intolerance

The superior milk: Humpy A2 milk

A1 milk

Contains A1 Beta Casein Protein

A1 protein breaks down BCM-7, a harmful element for the body

Causes bloating, stomach ulcer, gas, and other digestive discomforts

Has low nutrition

A2 milk

Contains A2 Casein Protein the human mother’s milk does

A2 protein doesn’t break down in BCM-7

Cures irritable bowel symptoms

Has Omega 3 that cleans up cholesterol deposits

The difference that makes A2 milk better

Contains A2 beta Casein
Has Colostrum like
“human Mother’s milk”
Has Cerebrosides

Unlike any other milk, our process is good for cows,
and healthy for you

A2 Protein Milk

Humpy A2 milk is daily and fortnightly lab tested on over 100 parameters to scientifically ensure that you get the milk that is chemical-free

Humpy A2 regularly shares lab test reports so that you are in full charge of the quality of the milk

Humpy A2 milk and cows are certified A2:A2. The certification is done regularly so that you pay for the milk that is scientifically proven to contain A2 Proteins only.

Humpy A2 is purely from Indian breed cows, and it is of the type A2:A2; We do cow and milk certification regularly.

Cows are free-range and graze on over 50 acres of green pastures

Cows eat natural grass, and plants which is grown organically and chemical-free

These cows are part of family, therefore no growth hormones or other artificial injections are given to cows

These cows are part of family, therefore calves are fully fed, and our farmers milk only after that

Cows are hand-milked by trusted Humpy farmers, so that cows feel it is natural. Farmers take all the necessary hygiene precautions


A1 Protein Milk

Generally available milk is never lab-tested to ascertain whether it is chemical-free, before you receive it

You don’t get lab test reports to verify whether the milk is indeed chemical-free

There is no certification necessary for this milk and the cows to ensure the authenticity of quality of the milk

Due to hybridization of Indian gene cows with foreign breed cows, the milk from the cows can be of type A1:A1, A1:A2 or A2:A1

Cows are kept in unnatural and highly stressful conditions

Cows are given grains, premix fodder to eat everyday

Cows are given hormonal injections to continue lactating for longer tenure and to increase their yield

Calves aren’t fully fed before milking to increase the kitty of sellable milk

Cows are milked by machines, which causes discomfort to them and it’s not natural to the cows