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A2 Milk


We live in a profit-driven society where there is hardly any room for quality talks or nutritional value evaluation. Most often, we buy products by giving a short glance at the expiry date and avoid giving the same priority to the ingredients included in creating the product. By overlooking these factors, you are hampering the health of your family and yourself. What is the point of spending your hard-earned money on things that can invite terminal diseases to your loved ones? One of the products that are we have been overlooking for centuries is choosing high- quality milk. If you thought all milk products and milk are good for consumption, then hear us out; you are mistaken. The majority of the population does not care about the quality or brand of the milk and end up buying low-quality dairy that can bring devastating impact when consumed for an extended period. Here are few harmful trends that you must be aware of in the dairy industry before repeating your routine intake of dairy.

1. Adulteration of Milk

Milk adulteration is considered at present as one of the growing concerns of the dairy industry. It has not been given enough attention because of the perishable nature of milk and the unavailability of detecting techniques. Adulteration of milk includes vegetable proteins and milk from other species. Milk fat is used to produce other expensive dairy products. Hence many commercial industries remove this for financial gains and add non-milk fat for getting similar thickness. Also, for easy emulsification of the oils, detergents are added. They give the desired texture to the adulterated milk. Adulteration of milk can severely impact your health by causing hazards like kidney failure, renal infections, and even death when fed to infants.

2. Destructive Innovation

Innovation has been promoted for centuries and functions as an assistant to make human labor easier and faster. But what if this innovation is used for the purpose of annihilation of humans and other species. Destructive innovation is the result of greed to become market leaders in the food market. The current market value is being severely altered as a result of dangerous innovation and changes in the perception of production. It has already influenced the quality of dairy products negatively.

3. Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is another potential danger to the dairy industry. In most cattle farms, the semen of male cows and collected and directly injected into the female cow reproductive tract to impregnate cows. The negative impact of artificial insemination is reducing the number of bulls and the increased demand for superior breeds.

Moreover, this process must be done with proper sanitation facilities and requires the expertise of professionals. Improper management of this process can cause genital diseases among cattle. Artificial insemination denies the biological needs of livestock and is considered a cruel treatment of cows. Studies have shown that after cutting milk derived from artificially inseminated cows from the diets of patients who have asthma, headache, and digestive problems, they showed profound improvement in their health.

4. Rampant use of Plastic

We are all aware of how plastic is harmful to the environment and to our bodies. Presently there is rampant use of plastic for packaging and storing purposes. The dairy industry is also one of the biggest sectors that offer its products in single-use plastic materials. The milk packets are made of plastic, and a large chunk of the waste is thrown away without recycling. These disposable pouches are raising concerns, and there is urgent attention needed to change this plastic approach.

In this competitive corporative society, we must be conscious of what we consume and how it is produced. Only a responsible initiative can reduce future contingencies. Organic Carbon stands as a striking contrast against this commercial set-up by integrating natural techniques that are cruelty-free and ensures nutritional quality. We adhere to the sustainable way of living and provide the best dairy products and milk without including any of these unnatural milk production methods.

A2 Milk


Dairy is an essential part of Indian food culture. We have heard our mums and grannies say “doodh peena sehat ke liye accha hota hain” on numerous occasions. Well, they are true. After all, milk is the source of calcium, vitamin B12, potassium, and more such nutritional elements. It is truly essential for our holistic growth. 

Do you still drink that regular cow milk available in packets from commercial brands? Well, it’s time to level up now. With the hectic lifestyle that we lead in the present times, the nutrition demands are more. To enhance the nutritional value of your chai, coffee, and milkshakes, The Organic Carbon has brought you its range of Desi A2 Cow milk. The A2 Cow milk is a better alternative to the usual A1 milk. 

A2 Cow milk consists of A2- Beta Casein protein that differentiates it from regular milk. This milk is easy to digest and absorb. It has the antioxidant Glutathione that prevents diseases such as cancer. A2 cow milk has proven effective in increasing brain function due to the cerebrosides present in them and still confused about making the switch? Here’s some information that can help you decide better-

1. No adulteration:

At The Organic Carbon, we produce milk from indigenous (Desi) cow breeds using organic procedures. Regular milk is mostly diluted with water and produced by cows put on hormones to extract enormous amounts of milk. A2 cow milk from our brand, on the other hand, is completely chemical-free. You can enjoy a glass of this milk without having to worry about its purity. 

2. Closer to breast milk:

A2 cow milk is considered closest to breast milk. This is due to the presence of A2 – Beta Casein protein. Like breast milk, A2 cow milk is easy to digest and is pure. Rich in nutritional value, this milk is best for children and infants; it helps them absorb all the essential vitamins and calcium that are important for their growth and development. 

3. Improves immunity:

With the world discovering new diseases with each passing day, stronger immunity is a must. A2 cow milk can help you build a better resilience against diseases. This milk can even enable the prevention of life-threatening ailments such as Cancer, Heart troubles, Asthma, Joint pain.

4. Reduces the chances of infertility:

Our cows are fed with organic fodder, and the milk thus derived is natural. In the current scenario where chemical-laden products surround us, such organic milk is a must. With the rising instances of infertility issues among the population, one must consider switching to organic A2 milk. The A2 cow milk has proven effects that reduce the chances of infertility in humans.

5. Radiance all the way:

With pollution levels increasing in the air, our skin gets affected very quickly. A2 cow milk helps the blood absorb more nutrients and remove toxins from the body. This adds to the skin tissues and gives you a radiant glow. This milk will make your skin clear and supple. Switch today to get that natural glow back.

6. Environment friendly:

We, at The Organic Carbon, consider sustainability as our priority. Thus, A2 cow milk is delivered to your house in glass bottles that are reused. Mostly regular milk is sold in plastic bags that can infuse bad odor and taste to your milk. These plastic bags are a bane for the environment as they take millions of years to decompose. The glass bottles do not react with your milk and keep it truly fresh. These bottles are reused and are environmentally friendly in every way.

The Organic Carbon Desi A2 Cow Milk Opens Doors to a Healthier Life!

Make a switch to a better lifestyle with A2 cow milk. Apart from milk, we have a variety of organic, toxin-free products that can revolutionize your life. Do check them out. Sip the magic of Desi A2 Cow Milk today! 

A2 Milk


Organic Carbon is a venture that commenced looking at the need for authentic food products in India. By going back to the traditional method of milk production and farming, we started our journey with the mission to change the prevailing commercial practices of compromising the quality of food products for short-term monetary gains. Our brand strives to unearth the almost limitless possibilities available with the traditional farming practices prevalent in our country for centuries. By reviving the ancestral knowledge in the realm of farming and cattle rearing, we also seek to undo the harm inflicted on our Mother Nature.

Organic Carbon, the name itself, is derived from the term carbon, which stands as one of the most abundantly found elements in the earth’s crust. The presence of carbon enriches the soil by supplying necessary nutrients to the food. Unfortunately, the overuse of chemical fertilizers has negatively impacted the soil and changed its texture, properties, and even utility. Unethical farming techniques lead to the exposure and release of harmful carbon compounds directly into the atmosphere. It acts as a significant contributor to the rise of global warming worldwide.

Mass production and hybridization of seeds have also threatened the fertility of the soil and led to the endangerment of indigenous seeds. As a result, most of the food we consume today is of lower quality and has a reduced nutritional value.

At Organic Carbon, we intend to revolutionize the agricultural sector by adopting regenerative farming techniques and organic dairy farming methods. We strive to produce food products with high nutritional value that shall ensure your family’s better health.

To promote a sustainable lifestyle, we practice regenerative farming that involves the use of natural cow dung as a fertilizer. It boosts soil fertility and encourages the growth of beneficial microbes. We prevent crossbreeding of seeds by inculcating indigenous seeds that have not been in use for years.

Organic Carbon puts great emphasis on the way it produces its dairy products. We are aware that milk is the source of daily protein for Indian households. The consumption of our delicious and natural A2 milk products can give you numerous benefits needed to sustain a healthy body.

Our vision is to bring to light the boons of ethical farming practices and curtail ecological damage. We wish to foster a community of smart consumers who are environmentally conscious and consume safe and organic food. We encourage the local farmers to adopt regenerative farming practices and create profitable frameworks to improve their living.

Organic Carbon has a completely distinct approach to undertaking farming. We exercise Climate-Smart Digital Framing and regenerative farming techniques with zero chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Our farmers use indigenous seeds that are nutritionally dense and automate irrigation, sowing, spraying, and land preparation. For the betterment of the crops, we utilize hydroponic and polyhouse shade nets. We integrate technology for efficiency and use drones for collecting crop data for analytics and ensure the crop remains untouched. Our products are deprived of adulteration, artificial insemination, destructive innovation by hormone injection, and excessive dependency on plastic. By keeping a constant check on our production techniques, we provide premier quality A2 Cow Milk, A2 Buffalo Milk, and A2 Milk products like A2 ghee and A2 paneer coupled with other essentials such as spices, Alphonso mangoes, organic rice, bread, natural sweeteners, and organic veggies.

If you want to be a part of the change, then this is the opportunity for you. Through Organic Carbon, you can not just assure your dear family’s well-being but also contribute to a sustainable future.

A2 Milk


Milk is one of the essential products that we use in our everyday life. Apart from milk, milk-based products such as ghee, paneer, or curd are also prominently consumed. It is indispensable to use quality products if we look at the consumption pattern of milk and milk products in our daily routine.

The interesting thing is that you can buy most milk products at a wide range of prices in the market. But why do we witness such startling price variations among the milk products in the market? The reason is that when we buy cheap products, authenticity is what we sacrifice to save money. A significant amount of brands offering milk products use milk from A1 cross-breed cows. However, moving towards A2 milk can surely prove quite beneficial for your health. Let us explore further to understand why you should replace your A1 milk consumption with A2 milk products.

India is a country that has traditionally promoted a sustainable lifestyle. We Indianize everything that is brought to the country. But, when it comes to milk, we are quite unaware that the milk you use commonly is A1 milk that comes from foreign cross- breed cows. Due to massive cross-breeding for commercial gain, the milk mutates. The use of such milk can lead to bloating, IBS, lactose intolerance, and internal inflammation. On the other hand, A2 Desi Cow Milk, as the name suggests, comes from Indian breeds like Gir cows. A2 Desi cow milk products contain A2 beta-casein, whereas A1 dairy products have the presence of both A2 beta-casein and A1 bets- casein.

Nutritionists highly recommend A2 milk products as they contribute to a healthy lifestyle. A2 milk products are devoid of steroids that are commonly used to maximize milking. Desi cows are bred naturally and nourished with quality foods. It only generates about 20 liters of milk per day.

Nutritionists stress that using A2 Desi cow milk products increases your immunity power and aids in digestion. All those tummy irritations are maybe caused by the continuous intake of low-quality dairy products. Swapping it with high-quality A2 milk products will give you a break from these inflammations as it is a good source of proteins and only encompasses A2 proteins in it. It means that A2 Desi cow milk products will produce less gastrointestinal discomfort than regular milk. Switching to A2 milk products will be a viable solution to enhance your metabolism, thwart lactose intolerance, and increases bone strength and muscle growth. Incorporating A2 Desi cow milk products into your cooking will also improve the taste and adds rich flavors to your dishes. Moreover, A2 milk products give amusing textures to your food, making it creamier and healthier.

A2 Desi cow milk products are safe to drink for you and even for your toddler and are often compared to mother’s milk. Each glass of A2 milk consists of 8g of protein and has abundant CLA traces (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) that controls cholesterol. It is also the source of Omega-6 and B-12 fatty acids that aids in nervous system health and tackling anti-bodies. It is a manifestation of so many health benefits comprised into one, and the beta-casein helps in fat loss due to the traces of BMR in it.

If you are an ardent lover of paneer, then Desi Cow A2 paneer from Organic Carbon is a must-try. It is an A2 milk product with zero chemicals in it. Natural coagulating agents are used for the production of this top-quality tasty paneer.

Another A2 Desi cow milk product to try is our A2 milk curd, which is thicker and smoother than normal yogurts. We give you the purest delight to your taste buds, and this natural curd is completely made without artificial culturing.

Untouched by any non-natural process, A2 Desi Ghee is formed through the Bilona process, where the milk is churned traditionally to produce butter. The butter is then heated at high temperatures to remove impurities and to make ghee. This A2 Desi cow milk product gives you the most innate taste of original ghee and is golden yellow. A2 Desi Cow Milk Products are waiting to shower your health with all the goodness!

The Organic Carbon brings the authentic taste of nature to your kitchen. Our A2 milk products are of the finest quality and enrich your sensory experience with their authenticity. Using A2 Desi cow milk products is crucial, considering its importance in curbing various health issues.

A2 Milk


Are you worried about those extra pounds encircling your tummy? Do you find those cooker cakes, Dalgona coffee drinks, and Pani Puri treats peeping through your clothes? Well, to help shed those extra ‘bin bulaya fat layers,’ why not try some “desi nuskhe?”

Post the COVID-19 outbreak, looking after physical health has been a strenuous task. To help you curb that unwanted adipose and maintain a balanced lifestyle, Organic Carbon has launched its range of A2 Desi Ghee. This ghee, as tested by our ancestors, is exceptionally beneficial for weight loss. Consuming it every day will lead you to a healthier body. Ghee has been part and parcel of the Indian dietary system and is available on every shelf of the country.

Digestion plays an essential role in weight loss. If your metabolism is in sync, your weight loss journey becomes rapid and easy. Ghee being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids enhances the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. Further, it reduces the gastrointestinal tract’s acidic pH that helps remove harmful toxins from your body. Ghee not only promotes your fat to melt but also gives you naturally glowing skin. Devour this delight and get back in shape.

Here we are enlisting some quick tips on how you can use “A2 Desi Cow Ghee” from The Organic Carbon for shedding some additional inches.

1. With a cup of warm milk:

Drinking a cup of warm milk infused with a spoonful of ghee every night can help you with improved metabolism. Constipation or a bloated stomach can obstruct you from shedding the fat. A cup of warm milk can relieve all the stomach stress and give you the light feel essential for continuing your workout sessions. Add this to your night care routine and enjoy the results.

2. A spoonful of A2 Desi Cow Ghee on your diet food

Finishing your diet meals with a spoonful of A2 Desi Cow Ghee can level up those boring ragi dosas or grilled cottage cheese. A spoonful of this ghee can add that pop of taste and nutrition. A small amount of “A2 Desi Ghee” on your oatmeal or lentil soup will make it more mouth-watering than ever. Don’t shy away from adding a tiny spoon of ghee to any meal you have in a day.

3. Do not completely deny the traditional delicacies with A2 Desi Cow Ghee:

Mostly, with these fad diets, people refrain from eating that hearty ghee-drenched delights like Puran Poli and laddoos. Eat them guilt-free as the ghee in these dishes reduce the weight-gaining effect of other ingredients and restricts fat accumulation. Yes, stop punishing yourself and enjoy these treats in moderation.

4. Use it for your “Tadkas:

When used to temper dals, chutneys, and even rice, ghee adds that fragrant flavor to these dishes that make them yummy and healthy. You can sauté your dietary meals such as veggies in ghee and add a relishing flavor. It will help you reach your fitness goal quicker. Achieve your Weight-Loss Goals with A2 Desi Cow Ghee from The Organic Carbon

At Organic Carbon, we use only the premier quality Humpy A2 cow milk to make the nourishing A2 Desi Cow Ghee.

Visit our website to explore the different range of organic and toxin-free products that can help you with your healthy living. We have dairy, bakery, breakfast, grains, oils, and spices to choose from for your family. Organic carbon is the family farmer that helps you stay fit naturally. Head over to our website and start building your healthy cart!