Our Motto

At Humpy, we think authentic

Climate-smart Regenerative Organic Farming

We aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil quality with good farming practices

Indian cow: Our Farming Friend

Indian Gir cows not only give us A2 Milk, but also help nurture our organic farms naturally with their dung and urine as manure


Download app > place an order > get it delivered at the doorstep. We make going organic this easy!

Certified A2 and Organic

We believe in scientifically provable quality so that you know exactly what you eat

As good as nature intended it to be

Native, authentic and chemical-free just the way nature gave it to us before commoditization

Sustainable by design

Because we want to leave behind the Earth, better than we inherited it – We use Glass bottle and Kraft paper based sustainable packaging

Our Range

With us, you always know where
your food comes from

We know that in today’s times, trust matters the most. And more so, when it’s about what you feed your loved
ones. At Humpy, we source your food from our own farms. All our products conform to our high standards of
purity and freshness, so that you don’t have to worry at all.

Desi Cow A2 Milk

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Desi Buffalo A2 Milk

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Humpy A2 Ghee

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Healthy Breads

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Cold Pressed Oils

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Natural Honey

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Our Differentiator

Sustainability our driving force

Since our inception in 2017, Humpy A2 has chosen to be sustainable by design. We believe that small things done everyday matter the most when it comes to sustainability in the long run.

“How can we give back in return for what we take from mother nature?” This thought is at the heart of our decision making. We believe that healthy, nutritious, and chemical-free food is an outcome of living and enabling a sustainable, climate-smart life for our customers, and farmers. Our aim is to help reduce the overall greenhouse gas emissions contributed by chemical farming. To achieve this, we are building a community of farmers that learn and believe in these climate-friendly farming practices.

Be The Change –
One Glass Bottle at a Time

Kudos on choosing the glass bottle for Humpy A2 Milk!

Since 2017, Humpy A2 has prevented 68,000 kg of plastic from going into landfills. All thanks to customers like you!

Desi Goodness

The true Indian Milk

Like you, we want only the tastiest and most nutritious milk in our baskets. That’s why we source our milk from India’s native breed of cows. Read more…

No use of growth hormone injections, antibiotics, or GMOs

Managed pastures and free-ranging cows

We use environmentally- friendly glass milk bottles

Zero adulteration

Organically grown chemical-free fodder

Pure RAW milk with no added water

Promoting the potency of Indian breed of cows

Well-fed and cared for cows and calves

Our commitment to
organic farming

When you respect nature, she gives back in so many healthy ways.

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Test The Goodness

The evidence for your trust

At Humpy, we wanted to offer food options with scientifically provable quality. So whether it is the A2 protein, zero antibiotics and hormones, or organic produce, we want to back it up with scientific proof. And we didn’t stop at making this a one-time thing. We arranged for processes, people and technology that can do this every single day so that our customers always have products with a scientifically provable quality. In the last 4 years, we invested in developing this provable quality framework, and now it’s being made available to our customers in the form of Traceable Quality.

Full Transparency through Humpy A2 Quality Traceability

Find out the information about the cows, farm, lab test reports, certifications and more, all from the Humpy A2 App.

From beginning to end, the Humpy A2 Quality Traceability feature gives you detailed insights into the freshness, hygiene, processing, and delivery of the milk. This is our way of ensuring that you have scientifically provable answers to all your questions around why you should trust Humpy A2 every single day.

We’ve got everything to bring you convenience, trust and assurance

Humpy A2 App is the gateway to all things organic and chemical-free, with traceable quality. Here are 3 simple steps to use the app and manage your subscriptions with Humpy A2. The app is available on Android and iOS







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