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Our A2 Milk Range

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Humpy A2 Milk

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Why Should You Choose Humpy A2 Milk?

A2 Certified


Managed pastures & free- range cow grazing.

Climate-smart farming practices.


Preserving the soon-to-be extinct Indian cow breeds.

No use of growth hormone injection, Antibiotics, or GMOs.

Zero adulteration.
Zero chemical.

No added water/ milk powder,
No homogenization

Say no to plastic,
we use glass bottle.

Our Certifications

Are You Asking The Right Questions When Buying Milk?

Is my milk A2 certified?

Humpy Farm’s Desi Cow’s A2 milk and Buffelo’s A2 Milk, is A2 certified from A2 Milk Research Corporation using the technology, developed and certified by National Dairy Reasearch Institute, Karnal, Haryana.

We have been performing this test every week randomly on our milk since the inception of Humpy Farms, 2017. We share all these reports with our customers regularly.

We deliver, what we claim. We claim what we can prove

Switch to authenticate, native and chemical free A2 milk today.

 Are the cows stall fed or free range?

Approximately 99% of cows in all dairy farms are tied to accumulate fats in them which in return also makes the milk rich in fats & creamy. Humpy cows are free range. This means they have 500 acres of land with green pasture to roam and feed on. This healthy feeding practice makes Humpy A2 Milk more nutritional and more beneficial.

What do they eat? Grass or grains?

At Humpy Farms, we focus on feeding our cows a balanced blended diet consisting of green grass, dry fodder, medicinal herbs and mineral mixture, which keeps the cow healthy. Healthy and happy cows at Humpy Farms give highly nutritious milk to our customers compared to milk from grain-fed cows.

 Are the cows hand milked or machine milked?

Gir cows are the heart of our farm family and are very sensitive in nature. As per scientific study and research, hand milking is the best practice in dairy farming, as machine milking has multiple drawbacks. Machine milk can lead to swelling in the udder and sometimes even bleeding if there is a disruption in the milking process. We at Humpy Farms strictly adhere to traditional organic farming practices like hand milking.

 Are the cows being artificially inseminated?

At Humpy Farms, cows are naturally bred with the help of Gir bulls, which prevents any practice of artificial insemination. The natural breeding of Gir cows allows us to maintain a healthy bloodline at our farm and provide high-quality nutritional milk to our customers.

Are cows being injected by antibiotics or hormonal injections?

The need of antibiotics arises in the situation of sickness or disease for the cows but as our Gir cows are accustomed to Indian climatic conditions they stay healthy throughout the year and are less likely to fall sick. At Humpy Farms we do not make any use of hormonal injections as hormonal injections are used to lactate the cow to produce enough milk for commercial means. As we do not separate the calf from the cow it prevents the use of oxytocin injection (hormonal injections) to lactate the cows for producing extra milk at our farm.

 What kind of packaging is used for milk?

Humpy farms deliver milk in eco-friendly glass bottles, which are reused by collecting them back from customers and cleaning the bottles in our state-of-the-art sterilisation and cleaning facility. Having milk in plastic pouches or bottles with fewer microns can lead to carcinogenic reactions; thus, delivering milk in glass bottles is the Humpy way.

 Are the calves fully fed?

At Humpy Farms we believe that calves have the 1st right on the cows milk as it is crucial for the brain & body development of the calves. This practice of entirely feeding calves allows for healthy breeding of cows and usage of only the leftover milk for commercial means. It is essential to remove the excess milk as excess milk in the udder can cause severe health conditions for the cow.

A1 Milk Vs. A2 Milk

It’s Science Time!

Our Combo Packs

Our commitment to organic farming

When you respect nature, she gives back in so many healthy ways.

Don't take our word. Check what reports are



Zero Heavy

Zero Hormone

Monthly Checked on 87 Parameters

Zero Pesticide

5 reviews for Humpy A2 Milk

  1. Ruchika Deshpande

    Humpy Desi A2 ghee is just the right mixture of taste and grainy texture. It not only makes food more delicious, but has the right medicinal properties that let you nourish taste without worrying! I personally recommend this to one and all..Also, for the truly wholesome A2 milk

  2. Fozia Imran

    Excellent service, Quality. I have been in love with Humpy products since the day I started ordering. The taste of A2 ghee and Milk is amazing!

  3. Pooja Salunke

    I’ve recently started my subscription with Humpy….the milk is really good. My niece are really happy with the milk quality that Humpy offers!!!! We specially took this subscription for our children and we are more than satisfied. Thank you Humpy A2 for your overall services..!

  4. Aneri Bhatt

    It has been a great experience. The delivery of milk has been extremely predictable and on time always. The milk tastes very wholesome, fresh and good. Highly recommend This to anyone who is looking to change from their existing provider ….

  5. Sonali B

    We are finally happy to know of Humpy farms, when we asked if she would know any authentic source. Especially cos the Doc has has asked me to consume only A2 farm fresh cow milk.

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