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Bajra (Pearl Millet)

Try Humpy Farm's organic bajra to maintain a good heart and gut health. Enriched with omega-3, fats, and complex carbohydrates, this millet does wonder to health and lowers the risk of diabetes and cancer, and promotes weight loss.

Bajra Flour

Organic bajra flour from Humpy is loaded with complex carboydrates that provides a great amount of energy. This flour is also a great source of energy and a good choice for cereal for diabetic patients.

Black Rice

Maintain good digestive health by introducing black rice or chak-hao to your diet. Antioxidant rich and unhuelled black rice from Humpy will help you accomplish all the weight loss and fitness goals without compromizing on your taste buds.

Black Salt

Introduce the goodness of Humpy's organic black salt to your food to make it more healthier and tastier. It not only makes the food more nutritious but also is a go-to remedy in every Indian household to cure bloating and acidity, prevent muscle cramps and spams, and reduce water retention in the body.

Brown Sugar

Humpy's organic brown sugar contains molasses and is loaded with minerals, most notably calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium that makes it a healthier alternative to white sugar. And yes, Humpy's organic brown sugar is chemical-free which makes it a great scrub for exfoliating skin. Eat hearty and flaunt your glowly skin all that you want!

Chana Dal

Humpy brings to your stone-ground organic chana dal which is a great source of plant based protien and minerals that help you control your blood-sugar levels, promote heart health and manage your weight as it has low Glycemic-index.

Finger Millet (Ragi)

Humpy's organic ragi is a great addition to your breakfast as it contains high dietary fiber, calcium, and amino acids that keep you healthy. This gluten-free millet is a great alternative for wheat and rice for diabetic patients as it helps manage blood-sugar and cholestrol levels.

Himalyan Pink Salt

Detox your body daily by adding Humpy's organic pink himalayan salt in your everday consumption. It is rich in iron and contains minerals that help in balancing your body's pH, improving sleep quality, and reducing signs of aging.

Indrayani Rice

Make you meals more aromatic with organic Indrayani rice from Humpy. It is rich in nutrients, easy to cook, and has a rich taste. This rice is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals like naicin, vitamin D, calcium, fibre, iron, thaimine, and riboflavin that makes it a wholesome, nutrition-rich meal and is a good source of energy.

Jaggery Powder

Now enjoy sweet treats without any worries! Naturally delicious, chemical-free, and mineral rich jaggery powder from Humpy made with organically grown sugarcane is a good source of Haemoglobin. It helps in purifying blood and boosts immunity to help you stay healthy by building a strong resistance against diseases.

Jowar (Sorghum Millet)

What powers Indian farmers to work hard all day long? It is the goodness of organic Jowar roti that gives them energy to sustain in exteme whether conditions. Humpy brings to you the organic Jowar that is a gluten-free substitute to wheat and rice. This high protein, cholestrol-free millet is rich in essential nutrients and a good substitute for people with celiac disease or wheat allergies.

Jowar flour

Organic jowar flour from Humpy is enriched with high protein, fiber, calcium and iron which helps keep the bones strong and healthy, and cures various heart related diseases.