Dairy is an essential part of Indian food culture. We have heard our mums and grannies say “doodh peena sehat ke liye accha hota hain” on numerous occasions. Well, they are true. After all, milk is the source of calcium, vitamin B12, potassium, and more such nutritional elements. It is truly essential for our holistic growth. 

Do you still drink that regular cow milk available in packets from commercial brands? Well, it’s time to level up now. With the hectic lifestyle that we lead in the present times, the nutrition demands are more. To enhance the nutritional value of your chai, coffee, and milkshakes, The Organic Carbon has brought you its range of Desi A2 Cow milk. The A2 Cow milk is a better alternative to the usual A1 milk. 

A2 Cow milk consists of A2- Beta Casein protein that differentiates it from regular milk. This milk is easy to digest and absorb. It has the antioxidant Glutathione that prevents diseases such as cancer. A2 cow milk has proven effective in increasing brain function due to the cerebrosides present in them and still confused about making the switch? Here’s some information that can help you decide better-

1. No adulteration:

At The Organic Carbon, we produce milk from indigenous (Desi) cow breeds using organic procedures. Regular milk is mostly diluted with water and produced by cows put on hormones to extract enormous amounts of milk. A2 cow milk from our brand, on the other hand, is completely chemical-free. You can enjoy a glass of this milk without having to worry about its purity. 

2. Closer to breast milk:

A2 cow milk is considered closest to breast milk. This is due to the presence of A2 – Beta Casein protein. Like breast milk, A2 cow milk is easy to digest and is pure. Rich in nutritional value, this milk is best for children and infants; it helps them absorb all the essential vitamins and calcium that are important for their growth and development. 

3. Improves immunity:

With the world discovering new diseases with each passing day, stronger immunity is a must. A2 cow milk can help you build a better resilience against diseases. This milk can even enable the prevention of life-threatening ailments such as Cancer, Heart troubles, Asthma, Joint pain.

4. Reduces the chances of infertility:

Our cows are fed with organic fodder, and the milk thus derived is natural. In the current scenario where chemical-laden products surround us, such organic milk is a must. With the rising instances of infertility issues among the population, one must consider switching to organic A2 milk. The A2 cow milk has proven effects that reduce the chances of infertility in humans.

5. Radiance all the way:

With pollution levels increasing in the air, our skin gets affected very quickly. A2 cow milk helps the blood absorb more nutrients and remove toxins from the body. This adds to the skin tissues and gives you a radiant glow. This milk will make your skin clear and supple. Switch today to get that natural glow back.

6. Environment friendly:

We, at The Organic Carbon, consider sustainability as our priority. Thus, A2 cow milk is delivered to your house in glass bottles that are reused. Mostly regular milk is sold in plastic bags that can infuse bad odor and taste to your milk. These plastic bags are a bane for the environment as they take millions of years to decompose. The glass bottles do not react with your milk and keep it truly fresh. These bottles are reused and are environmentally friendly in every way.

The Organic Carbon Desi A2 Cow Milk Opens Doors to a Healthier Life!

Make a switch to a better lifestyle with A2 cow milk. Apart from milk, we have a variety of organic, toxin-free products that can revolutionize your life. Do check them out. Sip the magic of Desi A2 Cow Milk today! 

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