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Once upon a time, milk was made of everything good. Dreamy, frothy wholesome milk was collected
only after the calf was fully fed. So, we bottled up this pureness of the past just for you!

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Milk, as pure as natureintended it to be

To us, milk shouldn’t have to come with a prefix. It should just be pure. And when milk is taken from happy, desi cows, who have grazed under the sun to their heart’s content, it makes for milk products that are full of natural goodness. Just like the good old times.

  • Chilling at Source

    Milk is chilled to 4 degree celsius, instantly after milking the cow and maintained at that temperature until delivery. This arrests the microbial development in the milk.

  • Healthy cow milk

    All infected cows are separated from the herd. Milk from infected cows is not fed to the calves and is, instead, used for making Panchagavya for farming purposes.

  • Safest for consumption

    Our Somatic Cell Count per 1 ml of milk is 1.5-1.75 Lakh per ml (3 Lakh) which is deemed safe for human consumption

  • Scientifically provable quality

    Milk is tested on 87 parameters to ensure that the milk is provably free of antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals, pesticides and adulteration. And we share these reports with our customers as well.

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Benevolence in her eyes,our source of inspiration

Our herd includes only Indian breed cows – Gir cows. A hump on their back is the most prominent feature and also the reason we call ourselves Humpy. This hump has a vein called, Surya Ketu Naadi, that supposedly transforms energy from the Sun into Vitamin D, making the milk rich in Vitamin D along with A2-Beta Casein protein.

  • Open farms for free-grazing cows

  • Nutritionist-recommended diet

  • Unlimited feed of fresh organic green grass

  • Raised by a family of generational cowherds

  • Cow, bull, and calves live together unchained

  • Milking is done only after feeding the calves

  • No use of steroids or oxytocin to increase milk quantity

  • Fodder free of hormones, chemical-based pesticides & fertilizers

  • Cow dung & urine are used as fertilizer & pesticides at our organic farms

  • Regular visits by experienced veterinary doctors

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Why choose A2?

We drink milk because it contains proteins. Jersey Cow’s milk contains A1 protein, whereas Indian breed cows produce milk that has A2 protein- A protein that resembles the A2 protein in human mother’s milk. Due to this, pure Indian breed cows A2 milk is a more native and healthier option for humans.

When we say Indian breed cows, we mean pure-bred Indian cows. Through the years, a lot of hybridization has been performed on desi breed cows, making their protein A1:A2 or A2:A1 type. But at Humpy, the cows only produce milk with pure A2:A2 type protein, since they haven’t undergone any genetic changes.

But how will you know which protein does your milk contain? To ascertain this, a DNA test of the Cow and her Milk can be done periodically, and A2:A2 type milk certification can be obtained. That’s exactly what we do at Humpy, so that you are always assured of the milk you consume.

The Journey From Farm To Table

In recent times, a word called ‘Anemoia’ was coined. It means feeling nostalgic for a world we never were a part of, for a time we’ve never known. Every millennial feels it today. They miss the trust old-age wisdom brought. They long for the certainty their parents and grandparents enjoyed – when things were straightforward, undiluted by quick fixes and rooted in good old hard work. It’s this wisdom of the Good Ol’ Times that we are bringing to today’s food. Following traditions that have enriched the bygone generations

Good milk, sourced in a way thatonly does good to you