Milk is one of the essential products that we use in our everyday life. Apart from milk, milk-based products such as ghee, paneer, or curd are also prominently consumed. It is indispensable to use quality products if we look at the consumption pattern of milk and milk products in our daily routine.

The interesting thing is that you can buy most milk products at a wide range of prices in the market. But why do we witness such startling price variations among the milk products in the market? The reason is that when we buy cheap products, authenticity is what we sacrifice to save money. A significant amount of brands offering milk products use milk from A1 cross-breed cows. However, moving towards A2 milk can surely prove quite beneficial for your health. Let us explore further to understand why you should replace your A1 milk consumption with A2 milk products.

India is a country that has traditionally promoted a sustainable lifestyle. We Indianize everything that is brought to the country. But, when it comes to milk, we are quite unaware that the milk you use commonly is A1 milk that comes from foreign cross- breed cows. Due to massive cross-breeding for commercial gain, the milk mutates. The use of such milk can lead to bloating, IBS, lactose intolerance, and internal inflammation. On the other hand, A2 Desi Cow Milk, as the name suggests, comes from Indian breeds like Gir cows. A2 Desi cow milk products contain A2 beta-casein, whereas A1 dairy products have the presence of both A2 beta-casein and A1 bets- casein.

Nutritionists highly recommend A2 milk products as they contribute to a healthy lifestyle. A2 milk products are devoid of steroids that are commonly used to maximize milking. Desi cows are bred naturally and nourished with quality foods. It only generates about 20 liters of milk per day.

Nutritionists stress that using A2 Desi cow milk products increases your immunity power and aids in digestion. All those tummy irritations are maybe caused by the continuous intake of low-quality dairy products. Swapping it with high-quality A2 milk products will give you a break from these inflammations as it is a good source of proteins and only encompasses A2 proteins in it. It means that A2 Desi cow milk products will produce less gastrointestinal discomfort than regular milk. Switching to A2 milk products will be a viable solution to enhance your metabolism, thwart lactose intolerance, and increases bone strength and muscle growth. Incorporating A2 Desi cow milk products into your cooking will also improve the taste and adds rich flavors to your dishes. Moreover, A2 milk products give amusing textures to your food, making it creamier and healthier.

A2 Desi cow milk products are safe to drink for you and even for your toddler and are often compared to mother’s milk. Each glass of A2 milk consists of 8g of protein and has abundant CLA traces (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) that controls cholesterol. It is also the source of Omega-6 and B-12 fatty acids that aids in nervous system health and tackling anti-bodies. It is a manifestation of so many health benefits comprised into one, and the beta-casein helps in fat loss due to the traces of BMR in it.

If you are an ardent lover of paneer, then Desi Cow A2 paneer from Organic Carbon is a must-try. It is an A2 milk product with zero chemicals in it. Natural coagulating agents are used for the production of this top-quality tasty paneer.

Another A2 Desi cow milk product to try is our A2 milk curd, which is thicker and smoother than normal yogurts. We give you the purest delight to your taste buds, and this natural curd is completely made without artificial culturing.

Untouched by any non-natural process, A2 Desi Ghee is formed through the Bilona process, where the milk is churned traditionally to produce butter. The butter is then heated at high temperatures to remove impurities and to make ghee. This A2 Desi cow milk product gives you the most innate taste of original ghee and is golden yellow. A2 Desi Cow Milk Products are waiting to shower your health with all the goodness!

The Organic Carbon brings the authentic taste of nature to your kitchen. Our A2 milk products are of the finest quality and enrich your sensory experience with their authenticity. Using A2 Desi cow milk products is crucial, considering its importance in curbing various health issues.

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