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A2 - Desi Buffalo Milk (Pouch)

A2 - Desi Buffalo Milk (Pouch)


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Product Description

Fresh Milk is only available in Pune. Orders processed outside of Pune will either be cancelled or given a credit note for grocery items.

Super thick creamy Buffalo Humpy A2 Milk, that gives you satisfaction of making ghee at home. Adulterant, and hormone-free so that you can give it to your kids and elderly, without a hitch. 


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Product Details

Dairy farmers get fewer litres of milk per day from buffalo than they do from cows, hence artificial insemination is very common.

We do not believe in giving growth hormone injections, antibiotics. No genetic modification is done Full bodied milk Buffaloes from free range farm

Technical Information

Usage Instructions: Buffalo milk is good for the preparation of khoa, dahi, paneer, kheer, payasam, malai, kulfi, and ghee. buffalo milk is considered as sleep-inducing, hence consumed widely as a night drink.

Storage Instructions: Refrigerated To be used within 2-3 days

Packaging Details: In our commitment to being eco-friendly, we pack the milk in plastic pouches.

How it benefits the environment: We follow climate-smart practices in our farms by
- Daking sure that the calves are first fed
- Deeding buffaloes with organically grown fodder
- Allowing buffaloes to graze freely on managed pastures
- Never using growth hormones or injections on the buffaloes

Shelf Life: 2 days

Certifications: Certified A2

Method Preparation

We milk our buffaloes by hand, not by any mechanical pump as it’s the nature’s way of doing it.
The refrigerated vans carry the cooled raw milk to our Plant. Each container of Raw Milk is always tested to meet the high quality standards. It’s a fact that milk spoils easily. Excessive processing can dilute its nutrients. To ensure we balance safety and nutrition, we pasteurize the milk at low temperatures to preserve good bacteria. That’s where we stop our processing. No Homogenizing. Heated to 70 degree C and then cooled to 4 degree C This milk is filtered and bottled almost immediately.

Health Benefits

  • Buffalo milk boasts of decent potassium content that is extremely crucial for stable blood pressure.
  • It is richer in calcium and protein than cow’s milk
    Buffalo milk is great for healthy bones, dental health and cardiovascular health.
  • It is also a good source of minerals, such as magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.
  • Buffalo milk also has much higher Vitamin A content than cow’s milk (which is what gives it it’s milky white colour, as opposed to creamy yellow).
  • It is rich in fat, which is what makes it so creamy and thick.
  • It also preserves longer than other milk varieties, and is more heat resistant (perfect for our Indian cooking!).
  • buffalo milk is thicker than cow milk and is also denser in calories. It is richer in carbs. For young children or those aspiring for healthy weight gain, buffalo milk can be the preferred option.

Nutrition Table

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml

  • Energy - 88.4 kcal
  • Carbs - 5.0 g
  • Protein - 3.30 g
  • Calcium - 150 mg
  • Min. Fat - 6.0%
  • Min. SNF - 9.0%

*Approximate Values

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