A2 - Desi Cow SMART Milk
A2 - Desi Cow SMART Milk

A2 - Desi Cow SMART Milk

A2 - Desi Cow SMART Milk

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Introducing Humpy Farms' new UHT Milk - rich, creamy, and specially crafted for tea and coffee lovers. With a 90-day shelf life, indulge guilt-free in this pure, flavorful delight.

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50,00,000 Liters of milk delivered.
20,000 Happy parents.
68,000 Plastic saved.


Specially Crafted for Tea and Coffee

Specially designed to complement your tea and coffee, Humpy UHT Milk ensures the right balance of taste and texture, enriching your brew without overshadowing its natural flavours. #BrewWithHumpy

Milk On Time, Every Time!

Late milk means kiddo misses their morning nutrition, and you miss your chai. With Humpy UHT Milk, keep that nutrition and chai on time, every time! Store for 90 days, and start mornings right. #NoMissedGlasses

Milk that Cares for the Planet

Humpy UHT Milk's 90-day shelf life means fewer deliveries. Fewer deliveries translate to reduced fuel consumption. Simply put, with every carton of Humpy, you're making a choice to cut down emissions and carbon footprint. #MilkForThePlanet

Travel with Your Trusty Companion

Ever had to skip your beloved chai during travels just because your preferred A2 Milk wasn’t around? With Humpy UHT Milk, that's history. No refrigeration needed and a long shelf life mean you can carry your A2 goodness anywhere you go. #TravelWithHumpy

As Good As Fresh Milk

Humpy UHT Milk retains all its wholesome goodness through the UHT process. It's every bit as nutritious as fresh milk, ensuring you don't miss out on any of the benefits. Choose Humpy with confidence. #NutritionSealedIn

Free Range, Grass Fed Desi Cows

Humpy UHT Milk promises purity at its best. Sourced from grass-fed desi cows that roam free, our milk is untouched by growth hormones and antibiotics. Plus, it's A2 certified. #PureMilkPromise

A2 Certified.

No added Water/Milk Powder

Climate-Smart Farming Practices

No use of Growth Hormone injections, Antibiotics or GMOs.

Organically grown Chemical free fodder.

Preserving the soon-to-be extinct Indian cow breeds.

Zero Adulteration. Zero Chemical

Managed Pastures & Free-Range cow grazing.

Calf is fed fully.

What is Pure A2 Milk?

To us, milk shouldn’t have to come with a prefix. It should just be pure. and when the milk is taken from happy, desi cows, who have grazed under the sun to their heart’s content - it helps us make dairy which is filled with goodness. Just like it was done in the Good Old Times

A1 Protein

Your current milk

It is broken down to BCM-7 (Beta-Casomorphin-7) which is harmful to our body.

Research says BCM-7 leads to:

A2 Protein

Humpy A2 Milk

No BCM-7. It is completely safe. Magical hump has Surya Kethi Nadi which draws Vitamin D from the sun.

Research says A2 Protein is: