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Lokwan Wheat Flour

Lokwan Wheat Flour


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Product Description

Lokwan, a popular category of wheat across India known for its taste. It's known as ‘Golden Grains’, with thick, short and heavy grains.
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Product Details

Stone-grinded Low Glycemic Index finely ground, creamy white in colour UP, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Southern Rajasthan

Technical Information

Usage Instructions: Use Lokwan Wheat Flour to prepare
Chapati, Paratha, Biscuits, Bread

Storage Instructions: Cool and Dry Place

Packaging Details: Moisture resistant paper bag that is biodegradable and compostable

Shelf Life: 8 months

Certifications: USDA Organic, Jaivik Bharat

Method Preparation

This organically produced flour is free from additives
Wheat is washed and sun-dried for 1-2 days. Then it is dry roasted and grounded.

Health Benefits

  • Lower Chronic Inflammation, Reduces The Risk Of Heart Diseases, Promotes Proper Bowel Movement.
  • Lokwan wheat grains contain Selenium, Vitamin E and Zinc which fight skin problems like acne, tanning and skin cancer.

Nutrition Table

Nutrition Facts per 100g

  • Energy 322 cal
  • Protein 10.59 g
  • Carbohydrates 64.72 g
  • Fat 1.47 g

*Approximate Values

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Customer Reviews

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Lokwan wheat Flour

very good. Khapli wheat flour is used regularly in my family. As a trial we bought this from you this time. This flour is smoother than your Khapli wheat and less sweeter than Khapli wheat. Both are equally good from different aspects. I would like to suggest Khapli wheat flour for regular use and Lokwan wheat flour for occational use.

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